About my college life.

                      JB20S091 Yuji Yamaguchi

It’s been six months since I entered the university and I’m gradually getting used to the university life. I was anxious at first, but I made some friends and I’m living a fulfilling life. Also, the area around my home town, Ikawadani, is rich in nature and I enjoy taking a walk.

As for my studies, the classes are not what I expected and there is no class that I am interested in, so I am thinking about leaving the school. However, I would like to study hard because I am receiving a scholarship, and I want to study hard. Also, I have been having trouble getting up in the morning and often being late for class.

Body paragraph1

I am currently most committed to athletics in my student life. I like track and field because it is very hard work, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Track and field gives me the opportunity to get to know many people and become good friends through friendly competition and practice. I also recently participated in a long-distance relay called the “Kansai Student Ekiden,” a competition among the top 15 schools in the Kansai region, and I was disappointed to find that I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. I felt very sorry for the people who supported me, so I will work hard in training so that I can live up to everyone’s expectations next year.

Body paragraph2

Now that I’ve shown you what I’m good at and what I like to do, I’ll show you what I’m not good at.

One of the things I’m not good at is talking to new people. However, I have made a lot of friends at this university because everyone is very friendly to me.

Another thing I am not good at is doing a lot of things at the same time. I have a short attention span and when I have to do something, I tend to forget about other things.

I am currently a member of the track and field team, and although it is very difficult to balance my academics, I think this is a challenge to be overcome.

Body paragraph3

What I want to do during my four years of college is to travel to different places. Because college life is one of the most free times in my life, and it’s the best opportunity for me to travel until I retire because it’s hard to find free time once I get a job. Also, I have never traveled abroad before, and on the rare occasions that I have seen people who have traveled abroad say that it was a trip that changed their values in life, I wanted to have that kind of experience as well. Also, as mentioned in the previous sentence, I am shy and am not good at talking to new people, but I want to overcome this weakness by actively communicating with others during my trip abroad.

Conclusion sentence

As I mentioned, I have a lot of work to do, including part-time jobs, club activities, and assignments for various subjects. Also, since I am living alone, I have to do the cleaning, laundry, and cooking by myself, which my parents used to do for me. However, I am happy because I can feel that I am growing mentally and physically thanks to these efforts. At university, I have to do more things on my own than I did in high school or junior high school, but at the same time, I enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want.



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